the clarion
damn the clarion

let’s get this straight
a racist cliché states
“us Brits are wondrous at invention
but haven’t got the managers
to transmute ideas to wealth
so all our great creations
enrich non–British companies”

you’d think the empty peddle heads
would follow through and say
“that since our land needs managers to manage
and foreigners clearly do it well
why let’s invite ten million in”

yet lord pisswater’s clarion
that peddle racist daily rank
screech at entrepreneurs
who happen to be foreigners
whom in their racist hatred–speak
they castigate “economic migrants”

these foreigners whom in different lands
have the wit of management
the racists argue ours do not

so let’s say it straight
the racists state our managers
are stupid like themselves
“our country’s losing out”
yet screech a parrot hate
at foreign gifted women men
who immigrate and wealth create

by its own corrupted thoughts
the clarion howls stupidity
is written for idiots

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