an engineering rush (i)
new scientist

we’re living in a computer simulation
read new scientist
week four
July twenty oh two
near the PM’s paternal piece
the week he appointed Canterbury Rowan

the programmers—simulators—
can manoeuvre everything
in this simulated world
they’ll be gods
and glancing round this planet
ours clearly have surreal humour
so i expect hints

they wouldn’t waste complexity
to simulate something simple
perhaps the whole universe is fake
maybe they’re evolving multiverses
(think of kaku’s hyperspace)
even megaverses

if the hint’s linguistic
i’d expect some common word
saying what the gods desire

consider those concepts
universe multiverse megaverse
spot the common part

the gods are seeking verse

failed simulations get deleted
that’s in no–one’s interest
so we whom the gods desire to write
must write
everyone else must help

fund poets to strut their scans
grants for ranting poesie
declare the bard the verse messiah
free poets’ holidays in xanadu
nubile young women do your duty
save your life save the world
throw yourselves under the nearest poet
especially me
toyboys to the girlie poets

everybody save yourselves
be good to us
be very very good

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