plein [Q]

youthful be
two thirds experience assure before
ignorant confidence us all  me more
brick wall batterdown not look youth

a grand blag surprise i’d done
summer stone amongst strong minds
tenement stairs  tenement house
brick tic in concrete grass

young engineer men create change nation
i’d blagged a scratching seat  a viewing plate
tidy out a ten minute construct
glowlight from a secondary star

their post create
these do despite the doubt men
grand technology richer than nation
i’d blagged to be a seeing flea

the language man he asked at me
snag my thought his great create
i fried fortissimo bête

i swam in criticate wrongness
i wide boyed as ignorate self
his ire was just

like the sister i’d snarked
her choice of cookery stark
as though i’d stabbed a corn

or was my afternews “you know that fits”
colour fakery affirm
remember created we do

for i’d heard
the great engineering lingo man

the man
was had became

a girl

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