Poem On A Train

Jordan Davis

This landscape chapbook is one long poem set, er, on a train. Well, there’s an introduction too. Anyway, imagine, you’re half–asleep, you’re watching the world pass beyond the cold window, random thoughts simmer in and out of your tired mind. That’s the poem.

But, my god, is it vivid. This is such a visual work that I saw a movie, one long reel, director Derek Jarman, music Alfred Schnittke, narrator a solid confident East Coast voice. Everything is here: now, thoughts, passing scenes, announcements, passengers, recollections, relationships, incidents, everything.

It’s a long poem: 36 pages of larger type, plus one for the introduction. The language is poetic and colloquial, day–to–day, a sequence of phrases, the thoughts of the poet.

They talk about the end of great art
But they’re just indulging in pep talks
Citroën sunk shiny green in the lawn
I think times and places know what we think
Turns into what we do

That way to Connecticut
It is a mistake to be attached to a place
I am attached to many places
I am a tent
Who wants a house
It’s something like an autonomic response

This is a good little book to give someone who enjoys traditional form to introduce them to interesting alternatives. I enjoyed it.

Poem On A Train
Jordan Davis
Barque Press
ISBN 1 903488 14 1

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