(the provisional) X

i’ll live forever
a cadeau dream

the goat god shines on me
he must do
i always have to shave

i’m young
i’m ambitious
i’ll work out how

and never mind
the billion years
of no one else
has done it

three score years and ten
well now it’s four
that’s nice
but not forever

but them in their labs
have stretched some genes
and made some mice

if i reach my four score
which is an if
if those labs translate
which is an if

it’s not the goat god
it’s the mouse god
i’ll sacrifice some cheese
to help

a billion years
of no one else
and i happen
to hit
the jackpot

i’m sure
the mouse god
shines on
special me

i wonder what
his name is
and if he’s even
a he

that’s what you sacrifice cheese with
or baguette
i’d better get go