(the provisional) X

science is not the enemy of religion
it is the enemy of false religion
for science describes the world

if a religion states that god created the world
then god created the world that science describes

and if someone then arrogantly states
that what science has found is wrong
then that someone arrogantly states
that what their god created is wrong

but if someone with humility finds
that religion and science contradict
then what someone with humility finds
is not that science is wrong
is not that religion is wrong
but that their understanding is wrong
that’s all

someone with humility finds
they’re human

someone without humility
lectures god
on what their god
should have done

someone without humility
puts themself
above their god

those who deny science
take their god’s name in vain

of course it’s complex
of course science
like humility
is never finished
of course
the misunderstanding
can be
in the science

but if you’re humble
you’ll know
the person who’s likely wrong
is the one
who hasn’t
spent their life
that one thing