These entries are named by Synthetik’s Studio Artist, version 4.0.4. The explanation’s in the introduction.


preface  perspective  problem  place  process  partial  presentation





image operation


borders  canvas processing  canvas stylisers  colourise  comicbook style from source  edges  effects clean  effects extreme  enhancers  general  processing  rancid  screen effects  smart screen efx  source abstraction  source stylisations


part 1  part 2


nagel series 1


border effects  bw sketch  canvas process  photo manipulation  src proc

texture synthesiser


2.0 tutorial  abstract  chuck’s displacement  colourise  displacement  effects  general  nagel series 1 texture  thresholders


new  src modulated



general  new


abstract 0 1

abstract  abstract more  alpha textures  attractors  black & white  circular  plant forms  black & white  blobby  centre focused  chamfer abstractions  chamfer noise  circular 0  circular 1  fine–grained  flat grid–like  flat textured  horizon  interesting  large organic  mountain  organic  ornamental  patterns  rectangular  ribbons  rings  ripple  skin–like  softly  spiral–like  streamers  stripes  symmetry  teeth  textures  tiling  trisheet  weird patterns

abstract 1

abstract  atr  attr  attr new colour  attr overlay tests  attractor  aztec  broken circle symmetry  bw new  ca noise  circular  dual fs  dual target  patterns  plantlike  symmetry breaking 1  symmetry breaking 2  truchet  vert mountains


general  3.0 tutorial

processing effects 0

black n white  bw chamfer 1  bw chamfer 2  bw chamfer 3  bw texture edge  cartoon style  chamfer more  colour chamfer  colour fields  flat print effect  fsa filters  head abstraction  heavy modulation  interpolation enhance  modtastik  modulated textures  msg useful  printmaking ideas  rough  screen  screening  screening variations  sketchy  src proc n  src process  src process alpha  src processors  stylistik  very abstract

processing effects 1

bw form  ca noise proc  displacement  edge  gradient efx  hough  live proc ideas  printmaking ideas  screens  source abstract  source efx 0  source efx 1  source efx 2  source grid  process 1  process 2  processors  very abstract  y proc exp

self animating

self animating 0  self animating 1  self animating 2  self animating alpha  self animating blobs  self animating more  self animating textures  self animating with alpha

TG anim

amorphism a  anim test 1  anim test 2  attrt  fun  pickover attr  rutt extra  test  tg  trouble


alpha  chaos  chaos generators  colour crazy  displacement  effects  how to …  in progress ones  mark’s msgs  misc  modulated by pen  msg drawing set  nagel  new ones  patterns 1  patterns 2  pen modulation  pen modulation source process  source processors  surface textures  test cases  z new

variations 0

abstract  abstraction 0  abstraction 1  BW abstraction  BW attractor  chamfer more  chamfer noise  circular  colour turb variations  complex attractors  head abstraction  kaleido 1  kaleido 2  more msg  new  op art  pattern 1  pattern 2  plant like  screen  src process

variations 1

3.5.1 new 1  3.5.1 new 2  3.5.1 new 3  backing 0  backing 1  boxed  burnish  centred  chaos  circular  cirsym  cirsym offset  d–new  d1  f  fracked  grid  ifs proc  inv sym  mod  motif boxes  msg to test  n  new a  new attractor  new b  new c  new e  new f  new g  organic sym  pastel grid like  pattern  pinwheel  sketch ideas  splotches  sym  sym broken  sym patterns  t1  t2  t3  tg ex  trisym  video feedback  wack ideas  zygotes

variations 2

a new  b new  c new  new 1  new 2  new 3  new 4  new 5  new 6  new 7  new 8  new 9  new 10  new 12  new 15  new 16  new 17  new 18  subdivision  super ellipse  truchet examples  z  z 1  z 2  z test  z test 1  z test 2  z test 3  ztg t  zz  zzz  zzz 1  zzz 2  zzzzzz test cg

zz msg presets

march 016  msg 1  msg 2  msg 3  msg 4  msg 5  msg 6  msg 7  msg 8  msg 9  msg 10  ztest 1  ztest 2  zz

paint synthesiser classic


general  1.5 general  3.0 general  3.0 tutorial  3d lighting  3d lighting wet  4.0 cool  artistic cloners  autodraw  auto sketch  bubbly  chalk  charcoal  dry styles  geodesic  liquid  pencils  rough in colour  scribble  sketch effects  sketch soft  soft styles  sprays  spread canvas  textures  threads  utility  vibrant texture  water  watercolour  wet  wet glazes  wet ink  wet paint


autopaint 1  branchy filaments  BW hatch  BW hatch 1  canvas manipulators  damp  flat strokes  fluidz  generative brush  image brush  ink pens  materials  movie brush  multipen  paint 2  paint with bristles  particle pen  patterns  powders  rough paints  soft  source applicator  stylistik  texture strokes  tubular strokes


abstract cloner  abstract lighted  bristle paints  BW effects  canvas manipulation  chains  cloners  cloners strokes  cloners 1  cloners 2  cloners 3  cloners 4  coverage  demo 1  edge; sketches  examples  flakes  flat paints  frothy  geodesic  hatchers  lighting paints  liquid cloners  liquids  litho  live video paint  mod. texture strokes  movie brushes  msg paint 1  multipens  natural media  oils wet  paints  particles  particulate  pattern effects  pattern pens  regions auto  regions mutual  smeary paints  soft effects  source cloners  source grain ex  sprays  styles  stylised  textures  tubes  vibrant  watercolours  wet  wet one  wild ones


abstraction  accent gradient nib  active  auto tight  background dither  background displace  border  bristle  burners  BW hatching  canvas manipulators  chalk  cloners  colour hatching  fizzy  flat  geo src brushes  globby liquids  gradient multinibs  graffiti brushes  lighting  liquid cloner  liquids  movie brush variations  msg scan  multinibs  multithreads  paint  particles  powder  region draw  regionise  regions  scribblers  sketch  soft  source  strokes  stylistik  textured  wacom enhanced  watercolour  wet  wild


autopaint ideas  complex paint textures  fractal textures  fun pack 1  fun pack 2  gel paint  geodesic source brush  gridscan clone styles  gridscan exps  lasso fills  local colour mod exp  mezzo paint exp  msg line to scan  msg live source brush  my hand drawn ideas  new msg paint  new sketch  nib modulation  oil paint strokes  path repeaters  pencil sketch  pressure film exp  procedural abstraction exp  raised rough strokes  regionisers 1  regionisers 2  regionisers 3  regionisers 4  regionisers 5  repeat strokes  sketch  sketch alt exp  vector paint  watercolour  abstract src painter  active draw styles  autodraw styles  autoscan  bk movie texture exp  brick wall movie brush exp  bubbly  cloners wacky  drop shadow  examples  flat strokes  hatching ideas  image brush  movie time particle ex  msg paint n  msg paint tests  multipen  oil  ribbon  rough sketch scribblers  scribblers  sketching  soft  source cloner  spray  textured strokes  textures  tubes  watercolour  wet  whispy attractors  wild  msg attractor ex  msg ideas  new a  new live extend ex  new regionisers  new 1  new 2  new region efx  region fill brush movie text  test 2  vector ribbons  vector test

cd hand drawn media

dry media charcoal  dry media crayon  dry media drawing  dry media pastel  dry media pencils  graphic media ink  textured media textured  wet media acrylic  wet media marker  wet media oil  wet media sami  wet media watercolour  wet media wet

paint styles

autopaint  clone styles  crayon  dry styles  gels  granular textures  image brushes  impressionistic  liquids spattering  paint  proc texture  rough  rough sketch  screen effects  shatter–splatter  sponges  textures  tubelike  watercolour dry  watercolour wet  wet  wet complex coloured paint  wet strokes  wet turbulent


background texture examples  borders  colour examples 1  colour examples 2  cubist  density effects  edge autodraw  freestyle autodraw  lava movie brush  litho  misc examples  movie brush examples  region autodraw examples  region draw examples  regionisation  speciality  styles  text brush  tiling  velocity examples  woodcut

users 0

cd media presets 2002  cd oily globs  chuck’s autodraw region as brush  chuck’s beta test  chuck’s particle brushes  chuck’s patches  chuck’s shooting stars  chuck’s simplification  chuck’s still more  chuck’s tex synth brushes  craig’s blenders  creative mac 01  creative mac charcoal rubbing  creative mac washes  dave’s particles  dino favourites  jean’s wad selection  mark’s feb 2  mark’s cloners  mark’s glazes  mark’s thrill me  nagel 3  nagel 4  nagel 5  nagel 6  nagel 7  nagel 8  nagel 9  nagel 10  nagel 11  nagel 12  nagel 13  nagel 14  nagel 15  sharon’s brushes  steven’s presets 1  steven’s presets 2

users 1

aaa tucker  edit light patches  friends of jackson pollack  hj 7  hj 20  hj 29  hj 32  hj 37a  hj 43  jdn favourites  jdn originals  jdn outliners  jdn good for video  mark’s presets 1  mark’s presets 2  mark’s presets 3  the land of green ginger


3.0 wacom intuos  spray tilt  tablet demo  tilt brushes  tilt examples  two hand examples  w airbrush examples  w artpen generative rotation  w artpen gradient rotation  w artpen multipen rotation  w artpen particle rotation  w artpen rotation  w artpen simple examples

dualmode paint


attractor test  cycle bez test  dm new  drifter a  drifter b  general  jellyfish test  msg draw  msg test 1  msg test 2  new  pen track test  test 1  test 2  time particle 1  time particle 2  warp test


msg path shape  new 1  new 2  test ex

paint action sequence


3.0 tutorial  abstract  abstract representation  adventure set 1  adventure set 2  adventure set 3  autorotoscope examples  effects that process canvas  enhance  general  mezzotint experiments  movie processing tutorial  paint  pencil sketch  portrait ideas  process movie tutorial  screen print ideas  sketch  source abstractions  symmetry  textures  time particle experiments  watercolour styles


abstract animation  abstraction  abstraction extreme  abstraction sketches  BW sketch ideas 1  BW sketch ideas 2  cartoon styles 1  cartoon styles 2  circle renditions  colour sketch ideas  examples  generative animate process  generative exp  iterative processes  loop action tests  movie ideas  movie proc  movie processing ideas 1  movie processing ideas 2  paint in  pantograph etching  regionise ideas  sketch ipop examples  sketch renditions  stylistik  temporal  text render  textured surface simulations  vector  vector colour  vectoriser  video feedback


bw outline  bw sketch examples  cartoon  colbert sketch examples  cool stuff  multilayer examples  outlines  sym break exp


chuck  dave’s msg paseq  dave’s outline  dharma pas volume 4  directional lighting  donna’s paseq  jdn paseq for hg  jdn paseq presets  jdn sketching  vern pas 2  vern pas 8  victor’s tutorial  victrolux


graffiti styles  interpolator fills  litho ideas  more styles  movie efx ideas  movieproc  movie proc use layers  paint regionise  paint styles  soft watercolour  some fun ideas  tex synth effx


abstractions  bw effects  canvas processors  cartoon  distress  examples  movie process examples  movie processing  paint  paint anim morph ex  paint demos from 1.5  paint effects  src processing  stylised  torture test  use layers  vector efx  woodblock

later additions


lum text  mondrian

ancient front