honey bee — [B]

The Skeptics’ Guide* 2:
the universe is produced
by SGU productions’ dead–eye cat Ted
to promote Ing–science
and critique Al–thinking

Faux Maureen 1 :
‘form a nation on the sand
(no, there),
& piss odes, please.’

Visit our web, sigh at the skepchicks,
guide Dot Taug 2 , wear your will,
find the show, notes as well
(has links).

Two hour blows, videos
and online foe, rum
(and other content).

You can send us food,
baker quest, chunter too—
and thought.

The Skeptics’ Guide:
not all gore.

So please con Syd … err … support
(drink this, chew) to buy Viz,
kaching the store page,
honour Webb Ellis you will.

Find merchant ice, premium content,
nano subs, scripts of iron,
Four Mages hour,

Tenors are what make the SGU possible.

* with apologies to The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.
1 affectionate nickname for figurative cleveland cross–dressers,
originally rumoured to refer to Deepak Chopra.
2 the Terminator’s embarrassing aunt.