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wurm im apfel


A poetry festival, Dec. 4–6, with aNa B, Tom Chivers, Simon Cutts, Giles Goodland, Erica van Horn, Trevor Joyce, Astrid Lampe, Gearóid Mac Lochlainn, Kevin Nolan, Stephen Rodefer, Maurice Scully and others, with translations by Gabriel Rosenstock and Kevin Nolan, at The Complex, Smithfield Square, Dublin.

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the antidote to poetry workshops

wurmshop is an informal group for discussing poetry and poetic craft, sharing poems and engaging in collaborative writing

it’s a bit like going down the pub after a writers’ group meeting without having to go to the writers’ group meeting first

the next wurmshop? watch this space!

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Our Dublin poetry readings restart in 2010.


Hear poets at wurm im apfel, including Jaap Blonk, Mairéad Byrne, Susan Connolly, Dylan Harris, Judy Kravis, Susan Lanigan, Christodoulos Makris, Stephan Murray, Annemarie Ní Chuirreáin, John Redmond, Jerome Rothenberg, Maurice Scully, and more.

wurm press

Christodoulos Makris: round the clock
Dylan Harris: europe

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An occasional series of lectures.

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warum wurm im apfel?

Es gibt … er … there’s poetry, there’s Reinhard Döhl’s 1965 concrete poem, there’s Johannes Auer’s reinterpretation.


wurm im apfel is Kit Fryatt and Dylan Harris.

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