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Wurmfest Programm

available at wurmfest

Hello Hallo

Astrid Lampe

available at wurmfest

Caoimhghin Shea

and various legends and lyrics

Kit Fryatt

available at wurmfest


dylan harris

“full of vivacious, energetic poetry that’s a shock to the ear and mind, a delight. And funny.” Maurice Scully

Round the Clock

Christodoulos Makris

“Chapbooks are real grassroots volumes for poetry lovers and Round the Clock proves we should all be indulging in more of them.” Melissa Lee-Houghton


dylan harris

“A kind of unstoppable train wreck from any British perspective. But from a European one, a daring literary feat.” Stephen Rodefer

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All wurm press publications can be purchased at wurmfest and other wurm im apfel events. antwerp can be purchased online.

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wurm press is being created by dylan harris and Kit Fryatt
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