Hi! My name is dylan harris. Welcome to arts & ego, my identity website. Please do mosey about, there’s tons of stuff here. It’s mostly mine — anything else is acknowledged.

The images were generally made by pointing a Nikon D810 (previously a Nikon D300, and, a long time ago, a Pentax ME Super) and pressing a button, often at the same time. I’ve used various pocket cameras, too. The results were tarted with Aperture (RIP) & DxO, sometimes transmogrified by Studio Artist.

I once used Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge 4.5 Pro (under Windows 98) to tidy the music and podcasts, but never settled on a replacement: all the alternatives seemed adequate, none exciting.

Poetry and prose need only pen and paper. Neither need an app, so I’m naming none.

My inner geek is pointlessly proud that arts & ego is a static site, hand–coded in HTML and CSS. It was originally written with Notepad, as per a certain tradition, but is now edited with code, xCode, vi, and the gratchy sed. Hand coded anything bleeds horrible errors, so I wrote ssc to help find & fix them.

My original website, xenakis, went online in 1996. This site, arts & ego, was created in 2002. Until 2018, it was reliably hosted on Powweb. Since then, it has been unreliably hosted underneath the spider plant in my office. I’ve still got a minimalistic professional website. All is to see in the arts & ego archive.

image: leaves, out of focus

For the record, I don’t knowingly share information collected from selling books, CDs, and other goodies, except as necessary to get stuff to the customer — see my terms & conditions for the details.

Please do browse arts & ego!