My name is Dylan. I’m English, originally. I live in The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I’m a programmer by profession, and a poet by want.

image: Woods

arts & ego is my identity website.

I’m an antisocial, sarcastic bastard, which makes me a pretty normal Englishman, so far as I can tell. Here are a couple of examples….

Stating personal pronouns seems a bit of a fad. I’m not very good at fads. Worse, being British, I feel anything personal, such as a personal pronoun, is a private matter. All the same, to avoid appearing too fuddy:

    i, me, my, mine,
    thy, thee, thy, thine,
    tā, tā, tā de, tā de

The latter set, in abused Pinyin, are the same when spoken no matter the gender. Thus, to talk about me behind my back, you must do so in standard Mandarin. Since I don’t speak the language, were I to accidentally overhear you, I wouldn’t understand a word, so I can pretend you’re spouting the kind of delicious complements that I say about people I catch talking about me behind my back.

You may note, from the layout on this site, that I try to avoid stating the obvious. To do so presumes visitors are too dim to notice what’s around them. It’s an English cultural tic, I think, not to assume insulting things of strangers.

Anyway, as a poet, I know to say what I want to say by not saying it.