29 More sea nerd, on eBay and the BBC’s In Our Time.
26 More sea nerd, on the success of racists in the English Euro Elections.
19 Started building some studio artist preset reference pages.
18 More sea nerd, on my 4826s.
17 More sea nerd, on reflection, porn & google.
16 Added paris :: (lxxxv), (lxxxvi), (lxxxvii), (lxxxviii), (lxxxix), (xc), (xci), (xcii), (xciii), (xciv), (xcv), (xcvi), (xcvii), (xcviii), (xcix) & (c). Updated my CVs.
9 Added sea nerd :: Deus Ex The Human Revolution, the Director’s Cut.
7 I’d forgotten to mention read / said in events.
6 Added sea nerd :: konscht am gronn.
4 Added events.
2 More sea nerd, lots of site optimisation, again. Revamped the site map and prose index.
1 More sea nerd, lots of site optimisation.