27 Rebuilt navigation, especially for & & galleries. Most foto sets renamed. Added revisited :: (xvi) & (xvii).
26 Moved for her family to bound into the new sequence unheard, and added going out to the hot light, we are all european now, the fact of the uncrossable and stuck to the ticker.
23 Added and edited for her family to bound.
20 Added 2G1, 2G2, 2G3, 2G4, 2G5, 2H1, 2H2, 2H3, 2H4, 2H5, 2I1, 2I2, 2I3, 2I4, 2I5, 4C8, 4C7 & 4C8.
17 Added angst cycle (iv).
15 Added 4C5. Edited an engineering rush (vi) :: (i) and (ii).
13 Added plains :: (vi) and 4C4.
9 Added plains :: (v).
6 Added 4C3.