30 Added and edited plein [C] :: (i) & (ii).
29 Added polyglot.
19 Added poets (ix).
13 Added paris (xliii) and more angst cycle (iii). Edited big town blues (xx) :: common sounds, green on green & laugh.
12 Edited plein [A] :: (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) & (vi) and macport :: (ii) & (iii).
9 Edited big town blues (xviii) :: had a bad night.
8 Edited church is dangerous vital, did you help, footsteps, the hand of taste, happened, i’d stood 30 mins, movie, on aghast, the positive pompous, sneak like the, tomorrow tonight, who’s the heron, macport :: (i), macclesfield too, slow life, an unimpressive meeting; engineering rush (iii) :: (i), (ii) & (iii); engineering rush (vi) :: (i) & (ii); engineering rush (vii) :: (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi) & (vii) and plein [B] :: (i).
7 Added plein [B] :: (ii). Edited argument, after, the breeze of breath, excuse me, built, plus plein [B] :: (i); big town blues (xvii) :: sargasso, stamping, clatter, des mondes, we poison we all poison, the face & café matin; big town blues (xviii) :: had a bad night, contained by the wrong, jus de wu, cold air wet hair, mild hurt, come out into the cold sun, a large room & after the funeral; big town blues (xix) :: it seems, the swag & rattus frankenstein; big town blues (xx) :: low, common sounds, green on green, ugly, laugh, saint pancras & heading out; big town blues (xxi) :: after shock, drunk no drink engineer no djinn, brass band & the rasp and big town blues (xxii) :: foul guilt (i), foul guilt (ii), parijs & cold day.
6 Edited plein [B] :: (i).
5 Added plein [B] :: (i), renaming plains to plein [A]. Edited big town blues (xv) :: café noir français, the pseudo lives, six, a lighthouse in video, a girl praying, property (was i should be allowed) & monochrome & wasp and big town blues (xvi) :: an automatic descent, a trawler, news story with translation, rêve & break.
4 Edited 20 questions :: (i) (iii) (v) (vi) (viii), the word the world [A] :: (i) (ii) (v) (vi), engineering rush (iii) :: (i), Empty Land, collective nouns :: (i) (ii), beans, wing mirror, succes, (fallen), talking beer, citroën ds, ICE, looking the jungle foliage and waterford fronts. Added a dedication to armchair firefighting :: (i).
3 Added poets (viii).