28 Added 3Eα & 3Eβ.
21 Added 3E9.
20 More tannoy. I suspect this is a prose poem en route.
18 Added 3E8.
17 Added big town blues (xix) :: it seems. Renamed big town blues (xviii) :: after the funeral (was peter).
14 Added big town blues (xviii) :: peter, and an engineering rush (iii) :: (i).
7 Added big town blues (xviii) :: jus de wu, cold air in wet hair, mild hurt, like a pig in the sky & a large room. I’m considering dropping all big town blues titles, reverting to numbering the poems. No title is needed (for these poems), many are awful.
2 Added big town blues (xviii) :: had a bad night & contained by the wrong.
1 Added 3E6 and 3E7. Added an image to 1D5, & properly integrated it into new galleries.