31 Added recording of no pit is not no clay and you just don’t expect.
21 Edited europe (was no that is not a shop).
20 Added and immediately promoted no that is not a shop. Added recordings of ierland is geen belgië (i) (ii), dog & sand and gwynedd on.
18 Edited een engelsman in ierland.
17 Recorded the dead cat blues and argument, after. Edited citroën ds and een engelsman in ierland (was een vlaamse engelsman in ierland).
14 Promoted the dead cat blues (was madam).
13 Edited madam.
12 Added madam.
4 Added dublin. This title will change.
1 ierland is geen belgië is now ierland is geen belgië (i); added and immediately promoted (ii). Added and immediately promoted citroën ds and gwynedd on. Added excuse me image: uses powerful language.