28 Edited an engineering rush (i) the argument another bitch recreated arts the game rushed off unanswering, the three monks, software engineering 1 2 3, old man Keats, Hence The Coldness, A London (was London, 2K0) and when the morons declared war.
27 Edited antwerp (ii) tram lines, luxembourg (i), Thoughts On Odes To Nightingales, the clarion beer and pindar, Sweet and Stupid and balance still accelerando.
25 Edited an engineering rush (i) new scientist recreated arts the game, an engineering rush (ii) jumbo crash time and A Simple Fantasy.
24 Edited armchair firefighting (ix), Beer And Conversation, The Trumpet Blown, An Eighteenth Century Beam Engine, At Buckfast Abbey, A Bicycle Criticises Concorde For Not Observing Butterflies, The Queen Of Santa Fe, Box Number, An Ode to the A14, Lost Sanctuary, What Do Lemmings Eat? and But It’s For The Children.
23 Finally added, edited and promoted armchair firefighting (ix).
20 I gave this recital at Wurm im Apfel.
3 Added a videocast of finse.
2 Added a somewhat silly arse recital of armchair firefighting (viii).
1 Added, edited and promoted armchair firefighting (viii). From sometimes a guy just needs a beer, renamed such fur to stroke (was stroke), it’s not an alien axe (was from quake 2), i’ve seen denied (was i’ve seen) and if i pounce these (was he’s not me).