29 Added and edited big town blues (viii) :: objectivity’s a myth.
28 Edited big town blues (vii) :: chum like and big town blues (viii) :: himbeeren, cat gut.
27 Added big town blues (vii) :: lost, chum like and big town blues (viii) :: himbeeren, cat gut.
19 Edited big town blues (iii) :: at the delicious life, being the smog, leek & stilton, use of weapons; big town blues (iv) :: box tick; big town blues (v) :: 1983 (was (i)), vingt cinq ans (was (ii)), e la fotocamera (was (iii)), the tailoring (was (iv)), summer blue (was (v)), routemaster (was (vi)), the rigging (was (vii)), the house (was (viii)); big town blues (vi) :: high stream (was (i)), normally false (was (ii)), dead leaf brown (was (iii)), stone rush (was (iv)), distant band (was (v)), as sid said (was (vi)), a warning shade (was (vii)), air a water bright (was (viii)). Edited and promoted big town blues (vii) :: just a slice (was (i)), technology of choice (was (ii)), no not belief (was (iii)), our rounded city (was (iv)), honourable mrs council official (was (v)), rain rain (was (vi)).
4 Edited and recorded big town blues (ii) :: degraded stress since the day is wasted. Recorded big town blues (ii) :: the conversatiee, veer horizon, pupate, sea picture, it’s process and the vibrate.
3 Recorded on aghast, bright green the lights of the …, the breeze of breath, in politic :: (i) (ii) (iii), than the sun rises and big town blues (i) :: that was this morning, my grey is a coat, bikini hotel, up the kriek, denk zol, small empire of life and lobby watch. that is you luxembourgers’ fault.
2 Edited the breeze of breath.
1 Created the archive foto area; posted my father’s 1948 IEE Tour. I’m scanning my old photos; more images will appear.