29 Added and edited big town blues (xi) :: number number, —wenty t—, beloved, more, conflicted, and confer the same bad, remeasure their pond & do you wanna dance. Edited water :: the brick the brick the pattern brick and skelet centraal (was skeleton centraal).
26 Added 24.11.9.
18 Added the hand of taste image: uses powerful language . Edited small lives :: meet the kitties.
15 Added skeleton centraal and 13.11.9.
8 Very busy organising wurmfest, still able to add 8.11.9a and 8.11.9b.
5 Edited big town blues (ix) :: two old (was two old buddies) and big town blues (x) :: my beautiful turbulence, crashed this guy, slur belief & carried from the bar.
1 Added 31.10.9. Promoted big town blues (ix). Edited big town blues (x) :: shiva mary’s son, my beautiful turbulence, crashed this guy, slur belief, carried from the bar, measure their pond, shellsuited & above.