25 Another rearrangement of flock state; feels good now.
24 Remixed A Mary Car… and The Mere Of Ice. Realised the entire content of flock state is less than forty minutes, so moved Intruder Alert into the set, which required a rearrangement.
23 Remixed The Mere Of Ice.
22 Remixed Intruder Alert.
21 Remixed Intruder Alert. Repainted the front door.
20 Remixed Intruder Alert.
19 Edited Intruder Alert, and set it. Remixed Northumberland, A Mary Car… and The Mere Of Ice.
18 Retitled flock state from devon garde. Consistency’s boring, isn’t it. Boring.
17 Edited and promoted epigrams on politics. Remixed northumberland. Reordered devon garde.
16 Remixed A Mary Car…, and restored the titles garden from love the modernist wild and devon garde from say bang.
15 Remixed northumberland.
4 Remixed The Mere Of Ice and northumberland.
2 Remixed love the modernist wild.
1 Remixed love the modernist wild (was where is the magnificent wild).