26 Added pit air G and peered.
24 Edited 7 :: ak, and recorded all 7.
22 Edited and promoted 7 :: ak, na, co, qi, 2 and ux. Edited the A rush :: r (i), o and e.
11 Edited Reply. Recorded some recent poems, including cold pity, Water :: Cold War, Reply and christmas card poem,
10 Edited tin rush :: po and fi. Replaced existing, and added new recitals for all tin rush. Decided that Regrow’s exploration of nanotechnology means it belongs in the rush meta–series.
9 Added 7 :: ak na co qi 2 and ux. Edited tin rush :: po.
8 Added and immediately promoted an Epigram on Islam. Remixed The Mere Of Ice. Edited Water :: Cold War, and tin rush :: po ba fi vo pp ti fu av ee hu ei and xu.
7 Remixed Flock State, Garden, To Let and The Mere Of Ice. Modified the MP3s for Walkful Thoughts, Haze, Mechanie and Detritus to contain Creative Commons © & licence metadata. Just got all the poetry to do!
6 Remixed Northumberland, Intruder Alert and The Mere Of Ice, and fixed all flock state post–production.