29 Amended Copyleft.
28 Amended Copyleft and bathroom spider, changed the early0s symbol to image: early0s on the all poetry page.
27 Amended Copyleft and Software Engineering _3_, added bathroom spider.
26 Copyleft is far too pompous. I’m inserting some pins.
20 Amended chase chase. Added a symbol (image: uses powerful language) on the poetry index pages so those people who suffer from euphemism can avoid having that linguistic bigotry excited. Add a note to beer and pindar to confirm its unusual composition method (for me), having discovered this technique is associated with Li Po.
16 Added Software Engineering _3_, amended _2_ and Copyleft, redesigned published, and I think I’m finally happy with all.
14 Made all and log pages consistent; and restored all because the dratted page has been externally linked and so has to be usable, not just decorative.
13 Added new links.
12 Edited all; the slogan’s still not right.
11 Edited Water’s The Mere Of Ice, Copyleft and Demon Internet which was promoted. All is now aggressive density, changed text in photo icon from “photo” to “see” and set all there too. It’s today’s mood. The radio is sad. See Scorpion and an engineering rush unanswering.
10 Rebuilt Copyleft.
9 Added Copyleft, (see GNU’s “Free Documentation Licence” or GFDL), revised beer and pindar and Demon Internet. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Software Engineering is turning into a sequence. Revise _1_, and _2_ turns up. Changed this page (again).
8 Added Demon Internet and Software Engineering.
6 Updated poetry links.
5    Amended fear of uncivil law.