29 Added watch the desire of love to exist. Edited look rich apple grows (was a haiku) and i’m a gorgonzola (was no wait).
25 Added a haiku. Not much happening here right now because I’m very busy drafting the next version of this site.
20 Added a review of JH Prynne’s Acrylic Tips.
19 Added no wait.
7 Edited flock state :: victory impossible.
6 Added a donations page. Edited flock state :: victory impossible. Split This Itch from my Poetry Review’s Introduction. More blog.
5 Minor rearrangement of my CV.
4 Added flock state :: victory impossible. Edited flock state :: statement.
3 Edited flock state :: statement and x.
1 Assembled the sequence flock state from Epigram on the USA (also in the sequence Epigrams), the edited create new killer our fear, the newly promoted x and and on the ninth day…, and the promoted and edited past (was history), kinder, military and, given the politics, a prose statement.
Uploaded crap from my 1980s period, Limericks And Corks :: There Once Was A Cat And A Dog, Back, When It Was Roman Time, There Was A Young Man In A Bed, There Once Was A Bureaucrat, There Was A Young Man From Nantucket image: uses powerful language, There Once Was A Monday On Tuesday and It Wasn’t What I Really Expected. I regard them as crap, incidentally, not because they’re limericks, but because I got the form wrong, and they don’t really work.
Introduced .htaccess files, mainly to control redirection.