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I write software used in multimedia PC CD–ROMs (CD–ROMs are CDs for use in PCs, which contain tons of software instead of music; multimedia is software with video, sounds, animation and music, and my dratted cat is wagging her tail across my screen as I write it—excuse me for a second—silly animal). Well, anyway, there are thousands of CD–ROMs in the marketplace. I have written software used by Microsoft, and ensured software written by Dorling Kindersley works.

December’s edition of CD–ROM Today magazine has annual awards in eleven categories for best CD–ROM of the year. My software was used in two winning products (out of a total of four), and my testing made sure another two winning products worked (out of a total of five). That means that without me, four of their prize winners wouldn’t have reached the market! Now, ok, so they were really awarding prizes for the CD–ROM content—my job was to build or test that software to present the content is the best possible light—like a photographer in a clothes magazine—but if I’ve had done my job badly, then I doubt whether the prizes would have been won. Ok, end of boast!

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