image: prague

If this post gets incomprehensible its because the dratted cat has come back. Hang on… she simply doesn’t understand that there are many many ways to sit on the monitor, and only one is irritating, and why can’t she sit in another way instead of imitating a car’s windscreen wiper swishing across my Word Processor? Mind you, she has other habits, like attempting to catch my toes when I’m having a bath, or, for that matter, refusing to drink out of anything but a wash basin (which she is quite likely to sleep in as well). Her other preferred sleeping places are the fax machine—and she causes havoc when a fax comes through, I can tell you. She also decided, last night, at 3am, to use me as a landing area for jumping from the wardrobe. I was not very happy with her. Ok, now she is off the monitor—she’s decided the best place to sit is between me and the keyboard. Aaaarrrggghh!!

I think I’d better sign off while I still can.

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