image: yorkshire

I’ve got lots of work and am bringing in lots of money, but the mortgage company has decided I’m not doing any work and am completely skint. I’m sure there’s some logic involved somewhere, but God knows where. Anyway, it’s buggered up my house purchase, since it’ll take too long to find an alternative, so I’m not going to be moving after all. It’s really cheering me down.

Just to illustrate my work patterns at the moment: ignoring the hour each way commuting, I’m doing about ten hours a day during the week for G—indeed, the only reason I’m not on the road there at the moment is that I’m off to the dentist in a couple of hours time. At the weekends, I’m either trying to sort out some more problems elsewhere, or writing some software for a friend of mine who is setting up a business and needs some work done to get going.

And because I spend all my time in an office, I can’t get out to galavant in the rain. Yes, our summer has spent the last month and a half dropping record levels of rain on the country—we’ve just had the wettest June this century—so when you’re relaxing in your secret garden just think that, if you were here, you’d either be huddled under an umbrella cursing the weather, or might as well be dozing in the pond because it’d be just as dry as staying out.

I’ve just ordered the finally set of bits I need to set up a portable studio. I do find it depressing in the winter when the light is too awful to take photographs—grey and dim—so this’ll give me the chance to explore portraiture and still life at my leisure, if I ever get any!

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