image: citroën

I nipped into The CX Centre in St. Ives today to get a new accelerator pedal and came out with a rare RHD 1977 CX Prestige with 76,000 miles on the clock. This is in addition to my existing 1986 Turbo 1.

It’s been recently restored, although there is some minor work to complete the task, including new front spheres and sorting out the trim—all included in the price. The garage have spent more restoring it than the asking price (2K UKP)—fortunately, Roger, the owner, is a CX nut who has a particular weakness for Prestiges. It has a semi–automatic gearbox with three gears (plus reverse), which promises to be fun. It has what was described to me as a carburettor engine—what’s that?

I’ve going to have it rust proofed.

, cix