With some delight, I’ve been able to replace my ailing Turbo 1 with the Ministerial. This is a 1977 CX2400, severely enhanced for use as a ministerial car by the French state. It still has all of the original modifications apart from armour and communications equipment. I’m having the history translated tomorrow by a colleague; I’d love to know whether President Chirac, given his excellent taste in cars, knew this vehicle (before he was President, of course).

I have to admit I’m looking forward to having some fun. For example, I am treating a friend to Marco Pierre White’s The Restaurant (one of the few Michelin three–star restaurants in the UK) tonight: guess what we’ll be arriving in. Next week, one of my businesses is organising the accommodation for the Liberal International conference. I have every intention of delivering another friend—a senior member of the American Democratic Party—to the main social event on Thursday evening, in the car: now that should cause comment!

image: citroën

Even people like me, a man whose usual appearance is definitely the opposite of sartorial elegance, like to pose!

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