image: chewed

Wandering around the web—oh, alright, in a fit of ego, I wanted to see whether any sites mentioned me. Much of the stuff out there, not surprisingly, refers to other guys who share the name with me. The majority, though, are written by people who couldn’t be bothered to check the names of the kids who committed the Columbine massacre (Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris). It doesn’t give me a warm feeling, knowing the main reason my name is on the web is other people’s stupidity.

But I had a couple of pleasant surprises. I am named in the original BBC Micro ROM. I am quoted at the head of the chapter Coding and the Structure of code in the book Software: a fine art. There are a few references for past activities, such as Hacking Times (a diplomacy magazine), CommUnity, and stuff you’ll find elsewhere on this site. Ok, not exactly earth shattering, but at least I exist. The warmest feeling comes from the couple of places my poetry has been quoted and attributed. I won’t quote them here; they’re in forums, soon to vanish.