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This website has seen heavy traffic growth over the last few months. This is down to three things:

(ࡺ) an annoying indexing engine that isn’t labelling itself as an index engine; normally indexing isn’t including in traffic reports;

(ࡻ) lots of plays of my poetry, especially the sequence “tin rush” (published a while back by greatworks);

(ࡼ) lots of plays of flock state, the free version.

Lots of plays of “flock state”? Poetry might not sell, but music does. I’ve decided to see if this might work. So I’ve produced a properly, if crudely, mastered version of flock state, with some further minor remixing, and am posting it for sale on iTunes, emusic, etc.. It actually appears online by my brothers birthday, December 8th.

I’m not expecting anything, to be honest, but I’ll give it a go; this release is intended to be a marker more than anything. Anyone who’d like to do something similar should go visit tunecore.

I spent a couple of weeks posting CDs for review. I’ve had no reviews. I have had generally positive comments from friends and colleagues, but would they say if they didn’t like it? (I would, but I’m a deflective bastard).

This activity is really an attempt to get over music stuckism; I’m stuck on flock state and need to get rid of it before I can move on and approach more music.

I want to revisit parts of tin rush with music in mind; flock state includes the A rush, a related sequence. I’ve no idea if that will happen.