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Since I’m generating music, it makes immense sense to listen to what other people are up to. I gave up on non-classical music in about 1981, so I’ve a great deal of catching up to do.

I’m doing this by subscribing to emusic, at the maximum rate, and grabbing something hopefully representative from many of the categories.

And, you know what? What I really find I like is not what I expected to really like at all. I’m getting into avant garde jazz. In retrospect, it was probably a little predictable, given I love classical avant garde, and I used to play jazz (tuba). Artists that particularly appeal include Peter Brötzmann, and the Revolutionary ensemble. I’m even enjoying Sun Ra, whom emusic are heavily pushing, and by doing so are making me very suspicious of their motives and the artist.

But, all the same, I’m exploring the many flowing genres of electronic music, and am finding some interesting work amongst the too many fields of gentle fluff. I need to explore more. I have to browse hip hop in particular. It is, after all, spoken poetry over music, the same stuff I do, even if the poetry form is too often desperately tired and clichéd. But then lyrics and poetry have different needs.

But no electronic music from emusic really stands out to me. Unfortunately, until I know where to look, I’m unlikely to find things that strike me starkly. Or, at least, I hope it works out that way.