image: something appropriate to break up the text

As part of my reading at Wurm im Apfel on December 17th, I’ve a chapbook coming out. I hope to offer copies for sale here. All the poems are on my site; I dislike artificial scarcity.

But there’s nothing wrong with genuine scarcity. The paper based four sheets of A4 copies will, of course, be immensely special, and be worth every penny of the €1500 they’ll cost the wise investor. In these terrible times, times so bad that banking disasters are named after biscuits, arts are a rare safe investment.

FLASH NEWS: five sheets, make that five sheets of A4, nicely folded. Four paper, one card. Signed. Worth every penny, as you know.

Postage and packing, anywhere in the world, will be €4.50: I’ve got to make a small profit somewhere.