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I had a contract with Vodafone in the UK many years ago. I’d been paying it to standard terms, e.g. within 28 days of the bill being issued. I’d almost cancelled it, because I couldn’t afford it, but they persuaded me to stay, with discounts. A few months later, they spontaneously, without prior notice, changed to terms to pay within seven days. They automatically cut me off if the bill wasn’t paid within these seven days. The post office took ten days to deliver the bill. So my phone was cut off at random. I was doing some support work with a client at the time who needed immediate access to me.

Vodafone would not listen when told this. They deliberately, and without apology, destroyed the service they had sold me. It was done without warning, and with total refusal to make practical alternative arrangements (such as emailing bills). A company that behaves like that is a company that I will never use again. If you want a phone that’s reliable, you need a supplier with both reliable technology and reliable policies. That’s why you should avoid a Vodafone phone.