image: something appropriate to break up the text

I’ve become unhappy with the photos here and on Wurm; there’s more posts than good photo content. So I’ve acquired a scanner to import my youthful output, a suitcase of slides and negatives.

There’s utter drivel there, of course, but interesting images too. I see compositional techniques I use now slowly developing. I see themes now I didn’t seen then. I see themes I’d forgotten, including self–portraits. I see themes I explored and discarded, some of which I now see were doing interesting things. Perhaps I might return to them.

A difficulty for developing ideas then was the lag between photo and feedback, especially for those, like me, who had no access to a lab. Commercial labs had the annoying habit of not printing mistakes, so I couldn’t learn from them … and some weren’t mistakes! The cost hindered me; most of my exploration took place when I was a student. These were good reasons then to drop some exploration. Digital technology now allows me to revisit the surrendered form without threatening the beer bank.

Whatever, you’ll see fresher images here. The last few photos came from the suitcase.