image: graffiti and demolition

Set up a document, go to a specific page, hit paste, and watch Word 2007 paste the text to a quite different page. I have good reason to want the poem on Page 15, where I paste it, and I am extremely annoyed Word puts it on Page 14, where I don’t paste it. What’s the bloody point?

I have never had a version of Word that worked properly; there’s always something wrong. Yet this product doesn’t just sell, it dominates the market. I can only think monopolistic abuse.

It is so damned frustrating, trying to create a programme for a festival, to have all these damn products so completely fuck up. Open Office pastes the material in the right place, hooray, but destroys the formatting, so is as useless. Abiword screws up the fonts.

Are there any word processing products that can actually do what they pretend to do? Well, actually, yes, I think there might be. I’m going to download another sample copy of the old faithful, Word Perfect. If it can do this job without screwing up, it gets bought.