image: fog

I used to have a stumble upon account, but left when the user interface became unusable.

I went back today to see if it was any better, but, no, it’s just as borked. Let me illustrate:

  • Decide you’d like to explore the list of subjects, something pretty essential to the concept;
  • Find the list is in no apparent order, too disorganised to seek something specific;
  • See each subject in the list is not just the title, but a photograph and an explanation of the obvious, laid out like a rush hour motorway shunt;
  • Discover that each entry takes up so much space it’s not possible to scan the list quickly, let alone get a feel for its quality;
  • Discover that each entry takes up so much space that a list that should occupy half a screen actually occupies a dozen slow–to–load pages;
  • Give up.

Whoever put the site together has no clue about usability. It’s not practical to scan it to seek something interesting.

I didn’t bother to go any further. Stumbleupon is clearly still borked. That’s a pity, because it’s a good idea. I’m going to see if someone has done the same thing, but effectively.