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I’m researching targets for some multi–platform software I might one day write. I want to include some Linux flavours in this process.

In order to run Linux, I need to use VMWare, so I have to be able to install VMWare tools for Linux. This requires a command prompt, such as bash.

Now here comes the rub. I just tried Ubuntu 12.04. It does not offer a command prompt anywhere on its pretty pretty desktop. I even went to the help command and typed in “command prompt”, but it didn’t understand the term.

If I can’t get to the command prompt, I can’t install VMWare Tools. If I can’t install VMWare tools, I can’t run my virtual machine properly. If I can’t run my virtual machine properly, I can’t develop in it. If I can’t develop in it, I can’t develop for Ubuntu. Thus Ubuntu 12.04 is useless for me.

Sorry, Ubuntu, but I’m not going to waste my time working with pretty pretty crap. Get the basics sorted out so your pretty pretty interface is actually sodding usable, and I might change my mind—so long as the change includes an apology.