image: towers of hanoi

Hey, my project to install Open BSD on my 64M Soekris 4826s is progressing well. They’re running, at least enough to see how they behave when left alone for a few days. There’s one atop this tower of hanoi, under test.

Each of these machines runs Open BSD 5.5, although I’ve built a honey—I’ve—shrunk—the—kids version using flashboot for the 4826. I couldn’t use the standard flashboot, but then that distribution is clearly intended for play anyway.

My modifications to flashboot are still under test, and so my version is of even more hugely dubious use than normal. All the same, I can understand why people might want to play too, so my half–built, rickety version can be downloaded here. There is no warranty of any kind whatsoever, etc., use at your own risk, etc.. While I’m here, let me take the opportunity to thank the guys who created and worked on flashboot, and, of course, Open BSD.

Now, ok, so far they’re only running NTP (time) and domain daemons. But once they’ve proven their worth, and I’ve proven to myself that I’ve not broken too much, then I’ll add other daemons. My goal is the OpenBSD version of LDAP.

My use of coffee capsules as separators isn’t really acceptable. I need to sort that out. Never mind the instability, using them there means I can’t drink the coffee!

Download my version of flashboot for the 64M Soekris 4826.