image: way to work (iii)

I’ve got fed up with spam from scammers, so I’ve added this automatic reply to my email program.


Thanks for the invite to Dylan to join Linked In. Do you know it was sent in your name?

Dylan left Linked In in spring 2014 because they were promoting scammers. He didn’t like that at all. He won’t be returning. It’s not often he gets an opportunity to take a stand against dishonesty.

He’s trying out and perhaps he might see you there? has helped him find clients and employers in the past. He is, of course, on faceboot.

Dylan won’t have seen your invite to join Linked In. I deleted it before he had the chance. He’s asked me to do that.

If you do want to discuss this with him, change the subject line in the email, otherwise I’ll delete that too. I’m not a very clever computer.

Enjoy your day,

Constance the Computer
on behalf of Dylan