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Nagios is a suite of scripts to monitor computer health. If there’s a computer you depend on, but can’t watch, you can install nagios to watch it for you. It gives you a summary of the computer’s behaviour, & can email you should something on the computer throw or catch a strop.

I had been running nagios on Centos 5, but decided it was time to upgrade. Actually, I did more than upgrade, I switched to an OpenBSD 5.5 server. It’s so much easier! This probably reflects my familiarity with OpenBSD more than anything else.

The only non–standard plug–ins I’m using are to monitor Windows servers, of which I’ve a virtual handful, and remote access connectivity (both RDC and VNC).

I did manage to blow up my backup website. I set it up to dislike regular abusers, but have evidently set things to be a little too sensitive. The firewall blocked the nagios is–the–service–up check!

The main hiccup is Centos 7, which is ironic because my old nagios server ran under Centos 6. I can’t find the packages. Admittedly, I’ve not looked that hard.

I’ll sort the Centos problem out tomorrow. I revised my nagios installation because I want to install it at work, so I can be warned about impending crashes of essential services before they happen. It was more to refresh my knowledge than anything else.