Meanwhile, in the middle east, groups commit mass killing as though to prove their pixie has the biggest cock.

Foul leaders recite their well–said dark fantasies to convince the easy to persuade that giant invisible pixies would have them commit mass killing. Guilt and responsibility is buck–passed to the nonexistent. Is there no leader man enough amongst them to deny the psychopathic lust?

This is not just about those, responsible for innocents, who place them for their enemies to kill. This is not just about those enemies who then kill as expected. This is not just about the observers who cry horror at the photos and the statistics, who reward those who placed the innocents for killing with gold and poll results. Nor is this just about the slaughterers elsewhere, using their psychopathic fantasies to slaughter those who know their God better.

Each group is convinced their God is on their side. Each supports mass killing, knowingly or naïvely. All Gods are used as mascots for slaughter. No God is unmarred by evil. The only good place to go is where Gods can never go. The only good place is atheism.

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An atheist cannot use a pixie or God to buck–pass responsibility. It takes strength to accept responsibility. An atheist has to be strong. The only strong place is atheism.

That’s why the morally weak run to Gods, cower to Gods, that’s why the morally weak accept the leadership of psychopaths who invoke responsibility–eating pixies to allow the morally weak to mass kill. The only moral place is atheism.

I do not say all atheists are moral. I do not say all atheists are good. I do not say all atheists are strong. I only say the place to find the moral, good and strong, is atheism.

I didn’t get to konscht am gronn.