image: poets

DMOZ, as a curated index into the web, has given me the opportunity to find new contemporary poets.

I’m browsing the poetry pages using an unstructured approach. It’s not entropic, but I want to have something of the element of surprise that entropy can provide. To put more honestly, starting at A and going to the end gives me a reflux of antienthusiasm, an antienthusiasm could prevent me even starting. I need to get going and browse for a while to find the skegness among the sloughs. These first few bracing shocks will give me the enthusiasm to keep going. That’s why an unstructured approach is more likely to work for me: it prevents that destructive antienthusiasm taking hold.

There seem to be two types of poets indexed. In amongst the self–published on the web poets (cough), are those supported by significant poetry publishers. I want to approach each category separately, as much as I categorise, simply because acclaimed poets are most unlikely to be clichéd crud, and self–published on the web poets are mostly dismal by–product of bull with the occasional delightful exception.