image: Vadim Zaliva

Vadim Zaliva’s is an interesting site, despite its very 1990s start page. His home page summarises his professional life, then reveals his understanding of photography and love of bikes. He has the photographic eye, and knows how to see the usual well, but I don’t think his found a unique voice yet, judging from the high quality images posted on the linked flickr site.

Interestingly, his site hosts an archive of photographs from the Ukrainian Orange revolution. As photographs, the few I browsed were not really that interesting, but as a social record I imagine they’re invaluable. There’s also a page, which has needed spell–checking since 2005, on the influential early 20th century Russian singer Alexander Vertinsky, of whom I know nothing.

Hidden among the logos at the bottom of his home page is a link to his geek blog. Among the technical backwash is a claim that he created a demo for a Pokeman Go style game years before Go itself appeared, but was unable to convince potential investors of the scope of the product. He sounds like a guy the angels should haunt.