image: flower

I think I’ve probably done most of what I want to do with my flower photography. I’m not interested in documenting the details of the flowers themselves, which would probably be the next step, and which would make it a sellable craft. I’m only interested in exploring the form of the flowers, and the form of the photography that I can find with them. I expect, over the next few years, I’ll still photograph flowers, but that something else will soon start to dominate my photographic eye.

Still, it’s been interesting. When I was young, I tried to catch an impression of flowers in a photograph, and I failed miserably. I didn’t understand the absolute importance of light. It isn’t just something there, it’s the essential tool to catch their quality, more than virtually any other subject. I’ve understood that now, and have produced some reasonable results. But, as beautiful as flowers are, and they are beautiful, they don’t interest me as much as the bizarre quality of reflection.