image: some of the poems in this year’s blackpool illuminations

I’m going to be illuminated. My poetry is in the Blackpool Illuminations.

I’m published by The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press. They’ve snaffled a corner in this year’s Blackpool Illuminations. My work is included.

As they said yesterday, “The KFS Blackpool Illuminations are being turned on at 21:00 tonight. This year we are exhibiting work by: Sue Birchenough, Prudence Bussey-Chamberlain, Gareth Farmer, dylan harris, Irene Koronas, Julia Lewis, D. E. Oprava, Scott Thurston, Rhys Trimble, and Lydia Unsworth. The Illuminations are on until the 5th of November.”

UPDATED: Yay, got photos!