image: konscht am gronn

Yesterday’s exhibition at konscht am gronn was ok. I covered my costs. It was my last of the year.

Two of the three photobook proofs generated a lot of interest, all positive. Indeed, I’m pretty sure one of them generated the sales I made. Ok, so I probably ought to post something about these photobooks here … soon, soon ….

I discovered my chosen pitch was unsuitable once I’d committed to pitching there. Well, committed is too strong: I was too lazy to move the gazebo. It was pitched in front of a flat, which was fine, but the old lady in the flat doesn’t want her light blocked, so I wasn’t allowed to put the gazebo walls up. The photos would have been better presented against a plain background, not a visually complex mixture of temporary fencing, brickwork and windows. Still, the impact probably wasn’t that significant.

What I really need to do is display more of my photos. This means using the gazebo walls. I have to buy chains and clips, and work out how to put them up without damaging the photos, or letting anything fall in the wind.

I must also contact the organisers of the other Luxembourg arts events, to exhibit in some of them.

Overall, yesterday had acceptable sales, and was a good day for positive feedback.