image: wood

I’ve had to change arts & ego navigation. The menus had got so big they could take more space than the content.

I prefer horizontal menus with entries to sister pages. Unfortunately, the site had got so big that they’d become the problem: they needed too much space. They had to go.

I needed an alternative.

I exhibit photography and poetry. Both are static forms, although their content may be extremely dynamic. I didn’t want to contradict that static character, which ruled out even mildly dynamic alternatives such as drop down menus.

So I’ve navigated the site (ho ho) to breadcrumbs. There’s a breadcrumb menu at the top of each page, with, sometimes, an ancillary menu at the bottom.

This might change again. I want those breadcrumbs out of the way of the content. Since English text starts at the top left of the page, that means elsewhere, such as on the right. That’s not what I’ve got. Furthermore, since I’d like to stabilise the site for a few years, RHS menus unlikely to return for now.