I’ve reprepared and represented reflets, so images are shown, where possible, in their actual size. Detail is no longer lost.

I’ve also restructured its virtual gallery, so the names of the original studio artist presets and preserved, somewhat. When I made the images, I didn’t expect to present the names online, so I wasn’t careful to type them correctly—which didn’t exactly conflict with the original naming scheme. Anyway, the result is that it’s now easier to find the preset used to process the original image.

image: slow hough

Meanwhile, my new work, concrete, suffered a setback. I’d prepared some new sets, and put them in my version control tree ready for check in. Because the tree is under version control, it is not backed up.

Unfortunately, last week’s Sierra Mac update bricked my workstation. It had to be restored. Anything not backed up was lost. Ah well, everything but the latest concrete was preserved, so it’s just an annoyance. Those images will be recreated.