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What are the people who remain so vehemently against Brexit actually worried about?

  • Loss of freedom of movement. I’ve taken advantage of my European rights and worked in a number of EU countries. It’s benefited me personally and professionally. I don’t want to be trapped. I see Brexit as an attempt to wall me into one sad place: it’s the toffs telling the peasants what they should be, preventing the peasants becoming their natural John Clare selves.
  • My country is divorcing me. It is denying me my childhood, my culture, my origins. I have done nothing to cause this to happen.
  • My profession, software engineering, is international. It’s a very long time, whether in the UK or in other EU countries, that I’ve been in an office that only had people of one nationality there. Companies recruit people for their skills, not their passport. Professionally, Brexit becomes a mechanism to force square blocks into round holes.
  • I don’t like cowardice, and Brexit is an almighty act of fear of foreigners.
  • And finally, it’s sad to see the UK doing such economic & cultural damage to itself.

I’m a Brit living elsewhere in the EU. I took my host country’s nationality. A lot of other Brits have done much the same.

Originally posted on quora.